Halloween Special is out

2013-10-25 01:04:04 by animationsteve

Ok guys, the Muck and Rag is out an uploaded. Check it out and don't forget to SUBSCIRBE to my YouTube channel at

Halloween Special is out

Hey everyone!

Well, animation is done and the new Halloween special is almost complete. Soon it will be time to piece it all together in a nice little short for you all to watch during this years ghoulish holiday!

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Muck and Rag Halloween Special update

More uploads

2013-10-03 11:13:48 by animationsteve

Hello everyone! Well, so far so good. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's art and watching other cool animations from different artists. I will continue to be on here and see if I can grow. Please help me if you can and watch my animations, and check out some of my artwork and don't for get to add me as a friend or put me on your fan list. :) I will be uploading couple things today so be on the look out.

Trying out Newgrounds.

2013-09-30 22:33:15 by animationsteve

Hi, I am a 2d and 3d animator. I also LOVE to draw illustrations on occassion fan art of my favorite characters when I have the chance. I thought I'd try my luck here, at Newgrounds to see how well I fit in and how much fun I can have here. I'm currently a "NOOB" to this site, so please come say "hi" and take a look at my work and let me know what you think and share them with others. :)